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Our Services

        Sovereign Investment Advisors

    Investment Management
  • Due Diligence Review and Assessment
  • Assess Goals, Priorities, Time Horizon, Risk Tolerance, etc.
  • Identify sources of investment funds
  • Review / Draft Investment Policy Statement(s) (IPS)
  • Create Optimal Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Conduct RFP process for investment components
  • Identify / Select /Monitor Managers
  • Implement Investment Strategy
  • Track performance
  • Control and monitor portfolio expenses
  • Fiduciary Standard of Excellence
  • Investment Steward Education
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Establish Control Procedures
  • Establish Fiduciary Review Process
  • Monitor and Rebalance

        Sovereign Debt Advisors

    New Debt Execution
  • Due Diligence Review and Analysis
  • Pro Forma Financial Modeling
  • Debt Structuring and Analysis
    • Taxable and Tax-exempt Bonds
    • Taxable and Tax-exempt Loans
    • Tribal Economic Development Bonds
  • Prepare disclosure documents (Informational / Offering Memorandum)
  • Negotiation of terms
  • Conduct RFP process for Financial Institutions
  • Rating Agency Strategy and Execution
  • Marketing / Syndication
  • Debt market updates
  • Management of Existing Debt
  • Investor relations
  • Covenant compliance
  • Derivative evaluation

        Sovereign Consulting

  • Development of diversification strategies
  • Corporate structuring and planning
  • Evaluation and decision frameworks
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Capital Budgeting and Prioritization Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Business Opportunity Assessment
  • Business Opportunity Negotiation and Execution
  • Government Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Analysis of revenue drivers
  • Design and draft financial plans
  • Government-level financial modeling
  • Financial management and analysis