Our Company

Sovereign Finance is a wholly independent, boutique financial services firm that provides market leading investment management, consulting and financial advisory services.


Sovereign Finance is a firm that at its core believes tribal governments should be able to rely upon the advice of a company that has the Tribe’s ultimate best interests in mind when making recommendations. Sovereign is comprised of individuals who have been working with Native American clients long enough to know that all too often financial decisions are made based not on the Tribe’s needs and goals, but rather the financial objectives of the firms and institution making the recommendation. Sovereign’s mission is to promote the fiduciary best practices necessary to support the creation and development of unique, innovative opportunities for Native American Tribes to grow and capitalize on their current economic opportunities and provide significant long-term benefit to their membership.

Service Offerings

Sovereign Finance is a first of its kind, 100% Native American-owned, financial service firm dedicated to bridging the substantial gap that exists between the needs of Tribal Governments, enterprises and organizations, and the companies that serve their needs. The Professionals of Sovereign Finance believe that to truly affect change in the delivery of financial and investment advisory services to clients it is necessary to begin with a perspective that is deeply aligned with tribal interests and build a well-rounded financial and investment services firm around this foundation. Sovereign Finance prides itself on its resources, comprehension of the special needs of Tribes and focus on the specific considerations that Tribes face with regard to financing, debt and investment management, economic development and diversification, investment of resources, tribal member education, and related financial services.

The Sovereign Approach

Providing expert financial guidance through a multi-disciplinary approach is the fundamental organizing principal that supports Sovereign’s approach to providing financial services. Sovereign was created with the distinct recognition that financial decision making cannot be made in a vacuum, but instead must account for the greater implications these decisions have on the whole. This approach and perspective is particularly important for Tribal governments, where financial decisions have broad rippling effects that directly impact tribal members. It is for this reason that Sovereign works with its clients to leverage the resources and expertise within its three business lines to ensure that fully-informed financial decisions can be made. This holistic approach to providing financial, investment and consulting services is unique within Indian Country and fundamentally grounded in our heritage as a 100% Native American-owned firm. Sovereign is inherently aligned with our clients and is dedicated to providing our clients with advice and guidance that will foundationally support our client’s success.