Sovereign Investment Advisors

Providing customized investment advisory services to Native American tribes, entities and organizations seeking independent, trusted and expert investment management services and advice. 

Sovereign Investment Advisors (“SIA”) provides tribal clients with a comprehensive suite of investment advisory services designed to meet the full array of tribal investment needs and sophistication levels.  SIA develops and deploys customized, best in class investment programs and strategies that are uniquely tailored to assist tribal investment stewards with not only meeting their particular goals and priorities, but more importantly, doing so in a manner that is compliant with the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence (“GFSE”).  SIA DOES NOT sell proprietary platforms, investment products, or research but instead provides conflict free investment solutions and advice that is wholly-independent and based solely on most efficiently and effectively achieving each client’s particular short and long term goals. 

Providing expert financial guidance is a fundamental organizing principal of SIA.  The Firm was designed and built to offer clients a boutique investment experience without sacrificing access to immense institutional resources.  Sovereign accomplishes this through its Research Platform, which provides clients access to market-leading resources that exceed those of large money-center investment institutions.  Combined with our wholly independent and conflict free investment platform and dedication to guiding our clients to achieve the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence, Sovereign’s value proposition is second to none.

SIA provides investment management services for a complete array of account structures including, but not limited to, General Funds, Permanent Funds, Short Term Funds, Endowments, 401k and Retirement Accounts, etc.  SIA draws upon the breadth of the Firm’s skills and experience, along with the substantial resources provided by the Sovereign Investment Platform, to provide clients with market-leading investment advisory expertise under competitive fee structures that ensure the Firm’s the alignment with the interests of our clients.  SIA provides clients with the highest level of objective and professional investment consulting solutions that traditionally have been available only to the largest of institutions, while maintaining the close working relationship and strong tribal-focused approach that is the hallmark of our firm.

Sovereign Investment Advisors assists tribes with among other things:

  • Establishing financial goals;
  • Providing fiduciary education and training;
  • Creating dynamic customized investment strategies;
  • Identifying sources of funds to provide initial and on-going investments;
  • Developing and Implementing investment policies and documentation;
  • Providing ongoing due diligence and evaluation of investment managers;
  • Assisting and coordinating the placement of asset investments;
  • Tracking investment performance;
  • Controlling and monitoring portfolio expenses; and
  • Evaluating and selecting appropriate custodians and/or record keepers for funds.