Sovereign Consulting

Leveraging sophisticated financial analysis to ensure tribal clients are making fully-informed, quantitatively grounded decisions that maximize expected positive impact and minimize risks to tribal growth and development at both the micro and macro levels.

Sovereign Consulting ("SC") exclusively assists tribal governments, enterprises and organizations with achieving their financial goals and priorities.  SC provides clients with a broad range of consulting services designed to explicitly provide the experience, leadership, quantitative resources and operational support to develop, grow and manage their economies and achieve maximum profitability within the context of each client’s overall strategy, goal and purpose. SC has the resources, capacity and expertise to provide clients with a full range of services and support, including but not limited to, conceptualizing, documenting and implementing diversification strategies; developing greenfield business operations; analyzing particular business development, diversification and expansion opportunities; establishing internal business analysis frameworks; executing acquisitions of enterprises; and developing long-term governmental financial and strategic plans.  More specifically, Sovereign Consulting provides the following services:


  • Creating a diversification strategies that meet client objectives, goals and priorities;
  • Synthesizing and establishing long-term goals and achievement milestones to help clients understand and advance diversification efforts;
  • Providing insight into optimal management and corporate structures that achieve fiscal and organizational responsibility and transparency, while allowing management to make decisions in an efficient manner to ensure success;
  • Creating responsible evaluation and decision frameworks;
  • Building internal management capacity that can effectively carry out enterprise development and growth;
  • Developing sophisticated financial models and analysis to ensure fully-informed decision making, maximize return on investment and mitigate risk.

Acquisition & Investment Opportunity Advisory

  • Analyzing and evaluating economic development opportunities (financial, operational, regulatory, competitive position, management, growth opportunities, etc.);
  • Providing insight and analysis into business turn-around and profitability measures and opportunities;
  • Collecting and reviewing economic due diligence for proposed economic development opportunities, including both qualitative and quantitative analysis and assessment;
  • Developing strategic and operational plans for business development opportunities;
  • Supporting project development and management initiatives;
  • Developing sophisticated financial models and analysis to ensure fully-informed decision making, maximize return on investment, mitigate risk and negotiate transaction terms.

General Consulting

  • Assisting with the development of critical policies and instituting best practices (Debt Policy, Business Opportunity Analysis Policy and Framework, etc.)
  • Providing guidance for short- and long-term budgeting and planning;
  • Managing and supporting investor relations, including financial reporting and covenant compliance considerations;
  • Evaluating and assessing the quantitative and qualitative impacts of advancing development opportunities;
  • Performing organizational assessments and analysis;
  • Develop sophisticated financial models and analysis to assist with budgeting, long term planning and fully-informed decision making.